Thursday, October 10, 2013

Heritage President's Letter to Obama

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint has penned a letter to US President Barack Obama, arguing that Obamacare should be fully defunded, or at least defunded for one year.

Here are some exceperts:
As the temporary slowdown in government operations enters its second week, I write to explain why conservatives have insisted on making the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act the prime source of contention. Speaking for our organization, I can tell you we’re in this fight because of the harm the law is inflicting on Americans across the country.
You have claimed that Obamacare has nothing to do with the budget. But over the next decade, this widely unpopular program will add nearly $1.8 trillion in new federal spending—and will cost taxpayers trillions more beyond that, making it nearly impossible to balance the federal budget. What’s more, for millions of struggling Americans, the law will crush their family budgets due to fewer work hours, lost jobs, and higher premiums. With the economy still mired in a scattered and sluggish recovery, these people deserve relief from Obamacare—and they deserve it now.
At a time when so many Americans are suffering because of the rollout of this new law, I remain puzzled by your failure to acknowledge the faults caused by this unfair, unworkable, and unpopular measure. We believe the law should be fully repealed, but at minimum, both sides should agree not to fund the law for one year—a “time-out” that would halt the law’s most harmful effects before they start.
The Washington Times says that the Heritage Foundation is keeping its focus on Obamacare.  Here is what The Hill has to say about the letter.

The Heritage President seems to have a affinity for writing letters to world leaders.  Here is one he sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin.