Friday, October 18, 2013

Think Tank Quickies (#88)

  • Think tankers and conflicts of interest in the Syria debate, from Public Accountability Initiative.
  • Why conservative think tanks, especially Cato, are misnamed.
  • Zillow and BPC to host housing forum on Oct. 24 in Washington, DC. 
  • Financial Times' chief economic commentator Martin Wolf becomes Distinguished Visiting Fellow at CFR. 
  • Ezra Klein: "Heritage Action runs the Republican Party."  (said 10/10/13 on MSNBC)
  • CEI sues to stop EPA from destroying emails, text messages.
  • 2013 Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) Forum on Oct. 22 with David Petraeus & Sen. John McCain.
  • Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham: "GOP must chart libertarian path."
  • First Cross-Straits Peace Forum involving think tanks from mainland China and Taiwan.
  • Founder of independent think tank in Delhi in close contact with senior Indian military commanders and United Progressive Alliance (UPA).