Thursday, November 7, 2013

Think Tank Quickies (#93)

  • Atlas Network to host Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner 2013 in New York Nov. 13-14; includes $25,000 Think Tank Shark Tank competition, and $100,000 winner of Templeton Freedom Award.
  • Iraqi Prime Minister Noori al-Maliki speaks at US Institute of Peace (USIP). 
  • Time Mag: "For a service that has its own in-house think tank designed to study the future and help shape it, the Army has become adept at confirming the wisdom of the status quo."
  • Africa in Focus: A new blog by the Africa Growth Initiative (AGI) at Brookings.
  • Media Matters: "The 7 Worst Arguments in the Heritage Foundation's New Anti-ENDA Report."
  • On the launch of the Think Tank 10 + 10 Partnership Plan to create dialogue between Chinese and African think tanks.
  • Heritage President Jim DeMint fact-checked by WPost's Glenn Kessler.
  • Cato Institute launches HumanProgress website that documents, well, human progress.
  • USIP and Wilson scholar Robin Wright draws a new map of the Middle East.
  • Atlas Networks' think tank MBA.