Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Think Tank Quickies (#98)

  • 10th Anniversary Saban Forum at Brookings features remarks by President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Secretary of State John Kerry.
  • Scholar Norm Ornstein at conservative AEI pins Congressional dysfunction squarely on GOP.
  • NAF scholar Thomas Ricks: "A smaller military is better."
  • Flashback: Nelson Mandela at Brookings in 2005.
  • An updated view of the Kochs and the Cato Institute, via Muckety.
  • Muckety: "Think tanks are hardly quaking in their boots" about Elizabeth Warren.
  • Think tank network plotted "coordinated assault" on Medicaid, Education, and Workers' Rights?
  • Survey: Context and think tanks.
  • Hoover Institution linked to spy case.
  • Washington Post's Timothy Lee: "Hey New America Foundation, I know you're trying to be clever, but "In the Tank" is an unfortunate name for a think tank blog."