Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WSJ's Stephen Moore Returning to Heritage

Stephen Moore, a member of The Wall Street Journal's editorial board, is returning to The Heritage Foundation to become the think tank's Chief Economist.

Moore previously worked for Heritage from 1983 to 1987 as the Grover M. Hermann Fellow in Budgetary Affairs.

Why is Moore returning to the think tank?  He cites a philosophy that closely aligns with his, as well as the presence of Heritage Action, the lobbying arm of the think tank.

The Club for Growth, a conservative group that Moore founded in 1999, helped elect Jim DeMint to the US Senate.  DeMint is now the President of Heritage Foundation.  That said, Moore and DeMint do not always see eye-to-eye.

Heritage Foundation is not the only think tank that Moore has close ties too.  Moore was previously the Cato Institute's Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, as well as a Senior Fellow at the libertarian think tank.

Here is what David Weigel of Slate says about the Moore hire.

The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin is calling for Moore to become President of the Heritage Foundation, and send DeMint to head Heritage Action.