Monday, March 24, 2014

CAP Founder to Convene Meetings for Hillary Run

The founder of one of Washington's most powerful think tanks appears to be laying the groundwork for a Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016.

Here is what The Wall Street Journal is reporting:
As Mrs. Clinton considers whether to run, people close to her are weighing in. John Podesta, a White House chief of staff to her husband and now a senior aide to President Barack Obama, has said he wants to begin a set of regular conversations among her top aides, aimed at thinking through a possible run, a person familiar with the matter said. Mr. Podesta wouldn't comment on the matter.
John Podesta, the founder of the think tank Center for American Progress (CAP), was the former Chairman of the Board of Directors at CAP, but he recently left that position after being tapped by President Obama to be the White House Counselor.  Tom Daschle recently replaced Podesta for that position.

Podesta was Counselor to Democratic Leader Sen. Tom Daschle back in the 1990s.  Podesta was also White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton.

CAP was recently ranked as the 10th best think tank in the United States and the 30th best think tank in the world by the annual University of Pennsylvania think tank rankings.