Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scholar Sacked From Think Tank for Climate Stance

A scholar at a liberal think tank was recently fired from his position following a May 4, 2014 op-ed he penned for The Wall Street Journal in which he called man-made global warming an "unproved science."

Here is more:
Dr. Caleb Rossiter was “terminated” via email as an “Associate Fellow” from the progressive group Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), following his May 4th, 2014 Wall Street Journal OpEd titled “Sacrificing Africa for Climate Change,” in which he called man-made global warming an “unproved science.” Rossiter also championed the expansion of carbon based energy in Africa.  Dr.  Rossiter is an adjunct professor at American University. Rossiter holds a PhD in policy analysis and a masters degree in mathematics.

Dr. Rossiter reportedly had a 23-year relationship with the Institute for Policy Studies.  He was most recently an Associate Fellow at the think tank.

Here is a copy of IPS's termination letter to Dr. Rossiter:
We would like to inform you that we are terminating your position as an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies. As you know, Associate Fellows at IPS are sponsored by an IPS project director or by the director. In your case, both of us sponsored your Fellowship. Unfortunately, we now feel that your views on key issues, including climate science, climate justice, and many aspects of U.S. policy to Africa, diverge so significantly from ours that a productive working relationship is untenable. The other project directors of IPS feel the same.
I (John) have worked with you on and off for two decades and I admire the project you did on Demilitarization and Democracy through IPS. I also admire the work you did on Capitol Hill with Rep. Delahunt. Both of us have worked with you in other capacities over the years with strong mutual respect. We thank you for that work and wish you the best in your future endeavors.
If you would like to meet with us in person, we are available. John will be in Berlin from Thursday afternoon through Monday evening, but could meet after that. Emira is here over the next week if you’d like to meet sooner.
Here is a link to Dr. Rossiter's op-ed.  Many more details can be found at Climate Depot.

IPS bills itself as Washington's first progressive, multi-issue think tank.  It was founded in 1963, and last year celebrated its 50th year in existence.