Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Secret" Think Tank Recordings Reveal UK Tax Plans

The British press is reporting that two "secret" tape recordings from think tank events have emerged that give insight into tax plans of the Tory Party and Labour Party.  Here is more about the recordings:
One is a recording obtained by Sky News, from a source, of Labour’s Andy Burnham, saying he would consider a 15% levy on estates to pay for social care.
The other, obtained by The Mirror, is of Minister for Government Policy, Oliver Letwin, in which he suggests a flat rate of income tax could be discussed in the future.
The tapes have emerged simultaneously – even though they were both recorded several weeks ago.

More about the tax plans can be read here.  One was apparently a recording from the Fabian Society's summer conference, and the other came from the right-wing think tank Politeia.

Fabian Society is a British socialist organization which functions primarily as a think tank.  The Society says it is Britain's oldest think tank.