Thursday, July 17, 2014

Think Tank Quote of the Week: A Cheney Think Tank?

The award goes to David Nather of Politico in his article about the Cheney clan titled "Cheneys Show United Front...Minus One."  Here it is:
Sing it with us: “Here’s the story of a man named Cheney …”
Dick, Lynne and Liz Cheney had a message they wanted to send with their appearance at POLITICO’s Playbook lunch on Monday: We’re a family, we’re happy together, we joke together, and we’re beating the drum for an aggressive foreign policy together.

It’s almost as if the Cheneys were the Brady Bunch — if the Brady Bunch had started a hawkish think tank and were warning the country about the failures of President Barack Obama’s leadership around the world.

Think Tank Watch should point out that the closest thing to a Cheney think tank is the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where Dick Cheney is on the Board of Trustees, and Lynne Cheney is a Senior Fellow focusing on education and culture.  Liz Cheney, however, has no affiliation with AEI.