Monday, August 18, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#138)

  • On Norway's women-led think tanks.
  • Former Reagan Transportation Secretary James Burnley joins DC "think tank" (Eno Center for Transportation, which advocates for increased infrastructure spending)
  • New think tank launched to help churches.
  • Groups rally around think tank being sued for global warming views. 
  • Cool map from RUSI on Russia's reliance on Ukraine to design/produce military supplies. 
  • US spies missed urgency of ISIS/ISIL in Iraq threat, but did think tanks?
  • Tweets on Israel cost professor a new job; think tankers take heed.
  • House Liberty Caucus serves as a de facto competitor to the House's conservative think tank, the Republican Study Committee (RSC).
  • Former RAND Corp. scholar Renny McPherson co-founds RedOwl Analytics, which aims to analyze employee communications to identify top performers, flight risks.
  • Secretary of State John Kerry addresses East West Center to talk US vision for Asia-Pacific engagement.