Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#139)

  • Should think tankers be foxes or hedgehogs?
  • If Hillary Clinton had been No. 44, by Wilson Center's Aaron David Miller.
  • Think tanks in China and their role in shaping Chinese policy.
  • Is it correct to label Cato Institute and Atlas Network as neo-liberal?
  • Do think tanks make us stupid?
  • New think tank launched in Turkey; Grover Norquist meets with free-market think tanks in Turkey.
  • India's Narendra Modi backed five-member think tank to replace Planning Commission.
  • How to get ahead in think tanking; Mike Moffat attacks Fraser Institute jobs study.
  • Wilson Center panel: Do friends spy on friends?; Wilson Center's Jane Harman asks: Why do women turn into suicide bombers.
  • New America Foundation's (NAF) International Security Program launches ISIS tracking map; NAF's X-Lab announces inaugural class of fellows to analyze near-future tech breakthroughs.