Friday, September 12, 2014

New America Foundation to Host Iran President Hassan Rouhani

The think tank New America Foundation (NAF) has just announced that it will hold an event in New York on September 24 with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  Here is more about the event:
In his first public remarks ahead of his much anticipated address at the United Nations General Assembly, President Rouhani will share his views on his first year in office, his domestic and international priorities ahead, his vision for stabilizing the Middle East, and his thoughts about the future of Iran’s relationship with the United States.

Fareed Zakaria, host of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN, will be the moderator of the event.  Suzanne DiMaggio, Senior Fellow & Iran Initiative Director of NAF, will give welcoming remarks.

As Think Tank Watch has reported before, Rouhani himself is a prolific think tanker.  But it will not be the first US think tank event that Rouhani has attended.  For example, last year, he spoke at an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Update: Protesters apparently disrupted the event.