Monday, September 15, 2014

Think Tank Quickies #142

  • CAP founder John Podesta likely to be Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman; CAP president Neera Tanden will likely play a role as an informal outside adviser.
  • New think tank taking a DIY approach.
  • Think tanks envious as Harvard receives $350 million (largest donation ever)? 
  • Think tank waving the white flag on assault weapons ban.
  • Bill Gates has financed an "army" of think tanks to advocate for Common Core.
  • Little-known think tank shapes Alaska policy.
  • Israeli think tank website tainted with malware; hackers targeting think tank not interested in state secrets.
  • Why think tank really matter.
  • Bill Maher bashes Heritage Foundation; NAF fellow Rabia Chaudry writes open letter to Maher in Time magazine. 
  • Centre for Research on Globalization "CSIS is a key part of the nexus of gov't and military officials and national security think tanks that actually shapes the life-and-death decisions, including going to war, that impact the American and world population."