Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#144)

  • BPC releases new threat assessment report, authored by CNN's Peter Bergen, a member of BPC's Homeland Security Project; examines threat of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other jihadist groups.
  • Think tank study says Taiwan's spying operations in China are the most effective in the world.
  • Bitcoin gaining support of cryptography think tank.
  • Think tanker Veronica Chiu (CFR) goes on Date Lab date.
  • National Security Advisor Susan Rice and HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell speak at Brookings.
  • Richard Burt, a member of CFR, is advising Rand Paul.
  • AEI President Arthur Brooks to speak at the Bill of Rights Institute on Sept. 30 in Wichita. 
  • Research of Guy Ziv (of American University) focuses on influence of think tanks in US foreign policy.
  • Politico, WSJ, WAPO give messaging advice to left wing "think tank."
  • Ian Livingston, a think tanker by day (Brookings), a forecaster/photographer/information lead for the Capital Weather Gang by night.