Thursday, January 29, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#159)

  • In response to Ukraine crisis, Berlin to launch new think tank.
  • The role of think tanks in a fragmented global system, via Lowy Institute.
  • Chinese think tanks to ramp up economic, reform studies.
  • UAE think tanks spark policy reform, innovation.
  • FP's Ilya Lozovsky bashes UPenn think tank report, calls it "status quo."
  • Think tanks may hold the vision Australia's politicians lack.
  • Reputation of Spanish think tanks.
  • Think tanks discuss role in global issues.
  • How Congress's dysfunction has degraded its own in-house think tank.
  • CAP reveals major 2014 donors; shows many Clinton ties; donors kept secret; access to Clinton?
  • A think tank like no other; Israeli think tank holds anti-BDS hackathon.