Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Top Free-Market Think Tanks Ranked

President and CEO of Atlas Economic Research Foundation Alejandro Chafuen has ranked the top free-market think tanks for 2014 using how many mentions they had in the just-released University of Pennsylvania think tank rankings.  Here are the results:
  1. Heritage Foundation: (21 mentions)
  2. Cato: 20
  3. Fraser Institute: 18
  4. American Enterprise Institute (AEI): 16
  5. Libertad y Desarrollo: 13
  6. CIDAC: 11
  7. IMANI: 10
  8. CEDICE; Atlas Network: 9
  9. Adam Smith Institute; Unirule: 8
  10. Hoover Institution: 7

Even though Heritage had more mentions than Cato (by 1), Cato is considered a higher ranked think tank in the US (#8) compared to Heritage Foundation (#9).

Mr. Chafuen writes extensively about free-market think tanks, and if Dr. James McGann (who runs UPenn's think tank program) is "Mr. Think Tank," Mr. Chafuen is "Mr. Free-Market Think Tank."