Wednesday, March 11, 2015

French Ambassador Loves Partying With Think Tankers

Listen up all think tankers.  The French Ambassadors residence in Washington, DC has reopened after a long renovation.  The even better news: The Ambassador, GĂ©rard Araud, loves to party with think tankers.  Here is more from The Washington Post:
You’re more likely to score an invitation for supporting French culture or history — say, American Friends of the Louvre — or women’s empowerment and gender equity. Another in: “I am a bit of a foreign affairs geek,” Araud says, which means more parties with think-tank types, businessmen and fellow diplomats. Mostly, he wants to mix it up and get beyond what he calls Washington’s “gilded circle.”

So brush up on your French and let the parties begin...

(Update: Cato Institute scholar Justin Logan has astutely pointed out to Think Tank Watch that the Washington Post article we have quoted has a picture of none other than Steve Clemons, the founder of the American Strategy Program at the think tank New America Foundation.  Please keep us informed of any other think tanker sightings.)