Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#165)

  • How think tanks work, by Jeremy Sammut (h/t Alejandro Chafuen)
  • Nice drawing of a think tank, by Moose Allain.
  • Do think tanks undermine autonomously produced social scientific knowledge?
  • Brookings scholar tells boss he's wrong; boss (Martin Indyk) becomes EVP of Brookings.
  • David Shambaugh of Brookings in WSJ: The coming Chinese crackup; Shambaugh ranked top Chinese scholar by think tank CASS.
  • The role of digital health think tanks.
  • PIIE President: There is no one PIIE view on currency and TPP.
  • For profit think tanks and implications for funders, via Enrique Mendizabal.
  • Use of think tanks: To demonstrate infinite capacity of metropolitans for regurgitating redundant ideas at lunchtime.
  • Brookings: How Americans define rich.