Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#167)

  • Brookings outlines ISIS activities on Twitter.
  • Wilson Center: 5 Things to Watch in Israel's Elections; think tank decodes the Nemtsov assassination?
  • Wilson Center's Kennan Institute announces new fellowship program; Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson delivers major address at Wilson Center.
  • Ed Gresser, Executive Director of think tank Progressive Economy, tapped for newly created position at USTR: Director of Policy Planning in the Office of Trade Policy and Economics.
  • New World Resources Institute (WRI) map is saving trees.
  • Cool picture: A new think tank in town.
  • Can the Pentagon's think tank explain Vladimir Putin's absence?
  • How think tanks work to shape health policy.
  • Differences in how think tanks count illegal immigrants.
  • Think tanks Niskanen Center and Political Parity using "Moneyball-like" databases to influence K St.