Thursday, April 16, 2015

Think Tank Quickies #173

  • Are computers trawling think tank report and Twitter feeds for stocks picks?
  • Think tank a new training ground for Obama's green team. 
  • John Feffer: "My think tank [IPS] doesn't take any government funding, domestic or foreign, and this ensures our independence."  No mention of corporate money...
  • Caixin: China has think tank quantity, but not quality. 
  • Think tanks boosting insurance amid increasing lawsuits? 
  • The Onion on Marco Rubio's birthplace: "A closed-door think tank strategy session in 2010.
  • Third Way: Routine jobs not returning as they used to. 
  • European think tanks CIGI and Chatham House urge new social pact on Internet privacy. 
  • US Gen. Bennet Sacolick interviewing think tankers regarding hostage rescue plans.
  • New Israel Fund is seed-funding think tanks, including Mitvim.
  • Flashback: Rethinking the think tank will a snowball experiment, via Sam Petulla.
  • Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi gives speech at CSIS today.