Monday, May 18, 2015

Are Think Tank Salaries Increasing?

The NonProfit Times recently had a front-page article saying that salaries and benefits are improving as the economy and market conditions foster growth.  So, is your think tank salary increasing?

Here is more:
Nonprofit managers reported awarding average salary increases of 3.13 percent for all staff during 2014, up ever so slightly from 3.11 percent the previous year. Executives saw an average hike of 3.44 percent. Total cash compensation costs as a percentage of the operating budget has typically averaged about 38 percent during the past several years of the study.
The average pay hike for respondents during the past five years of salary surveys is just less than 3 percent. The largest organizations ($50 million or more operating budgets) had the highest average of that time, 3.61 percent, pulled up by a high of 8.27 percent last year. The average increase among other nonprofits of varying sized operating budgets — from less than $500,000 to less than $50 million — ranged from 2.39 percent to 3.84 percent.
The average total cash compensation for chief executive officers has fluctuated during the past five years, ranging from $110,599 (2011) to $122,286 (2013). The average for 2014 was $113,562, slightly less than the five-year average of $114,544. The five-year average tenure for a CEO was 11.3 years with an organization.

Here is a Think Tank Watch update from last year on pay at think tanks.