Monday, June 1, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#178)

  • New Hillary gear includes "think tank."
  • The role of think tanks in the US security policy environment.
  • Think tank expert Thomas Medvetz on Charles Murray and think tanks.
  • Win $100,000 for your think tank via Templeton Freedom Award.
  • New socialist power in Spain creates need for array of free-market think tanks?
  • Think tanks should spend less time thinking and more time twerking.
  • Cato describes itself in 3 words: "LIBERTARIAN (not conservative!) think tank."
  • Pic: Right-wing think tank in action, via Bruce Bartlett.
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB) holds gathering of think tanks during Knowledge Partnership Week.
  • Think tanks need to rethink accountability, via VOA.
  • Former members of Congress lobby current members of Congress via think tanks.