Monday, June 15, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#180)

  • Are lobbying shops competitors to think tanks?  (via Douglas Ollivant)
  • Think tankers going to annual Bilderberg meeting.
  • Cato's Gene Healy on think tanks and the Iraq War.
  • Think tank softball league up and running again for another season.
  • Glenn Greenwald: "Many of the worst people on the planet are found in DC think tanks."  Ouch.
  • The Cato Institute and the libertarian movement.
  • Wilson Center EVP (and think tank expert) Andrew Selee discusses 2015 Think Tank Summit.
  • New piece on think tank management by Raymond Struyk.
  • FP: Think tank pundits see threats around every corner.  Don't fall for it.
  • Foreign policy think tanks in China and Japan: Characteristics and current profile.
  • Who are the most influential EU think tanks on Twitter?