Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brookings Launches "Brookings Creative Lab" to Showcase Research

The Brookings Institution has just launched "Brookings Creative Lab," which is essentially a new YouTube channel that showcases the think tank's research with multimedia presentations.

Here is more from Brookings:
Today, the Brookings Institution launches “Brookings Creative Lab,” an innovative approach that illuminates Brookings research data with compelling images and storytelling. Led by George Burroughs, creative director in the Office of Communications, Brookings Creative Lab aims to showcase Brookings experts and their research through best-in-class data visualization, graphic, and interactive techniques. “We’re trying to give a face to the numbers,” Burroughs says.

There are currently six videos available for public viewing and they can all be watched here.  They include videos on research related to young adults entering parenthood, diversity, Baltimore, and social mobility.

Make sure to check out the one highlighting research from Melissa Kearney and Phil Levine on the effect of MTV's show "16 and Pregnant" on teen pregnancy.  The study found that in the places where more young adults watch MTV, there were significant declines in teen child-bearing.

So kids, make sure to listen to Brookings and watch your MTV.