Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#187)

  • China-backed think tank (Madariaga-College of Europe Foundation) exits Brussels.
  • Chinese defense think tanks face enormous challenges.
  • India's most influential think tanks.
  • Leader of Korea's ruling Saenuri Party, Rep. Kim Moo-sung to visit think tanks such as Wilson Center and Brookings during 7-day trip.
  • Conservative think tanks wants the White House Science Czar's private emails. 
  • Guyana needs more think tanks.
  • Renaming a think tank in Singapore.
  • Ideological divide between US and Russian think tanks? 
  • Jimmy Carter's grandson to take over as chairman of Carter Center.
  • What's the point of development think tanks?
  • CFR map on vaccine-preventable outbreaks.
  • Who says the summer doesn't have cool think tank events?  See Hudson Institute's August 3 event Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare - An Evolving Challenge, and Atlantic Council's July 29 event Rethinking Commercial Espionage.