Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#188)

  • Thomas Pritzker appointed Chairman of CSIS's Board of Trustees; succeeds former senator Sam Nunn, who will remain as Chairman Emeritus.
  • Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint gives keynote at Jackson Hole summit.
  • Professor attacks African think tanks as "tanks that do not think."
  • Is Bangalore the next think tank hub?
  • Cato "goes off the rails" on health policy?
  • Sri Lanka made hundreds of contacts with US think tanks in 2014.
  • Emanuel Pastreich: Think tanks suffer from a number of shortcomings.
  • Bruce Jones named VP and Director of Foreign Policy at Brookings; Hamilton Project at Brookings appoints Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach as new director.
  • Rexon Ryu, former Chief of Staff to former DefSec Chuck Hagel, joins Carnegie as Senior Advisor.
  • CSIS hires Olga Oliker from RAND to replace Andy Kuchins who will head Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service; Kuchins will be a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at CSIS.
  •  Two leading US think tanks (CEIP and Stimson) say that Pakistan will have 350+ nuclear weapons in a decade.