Friday, September 25, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#192)

  • Think tanks checking Donald Trump claims.
  • Pandora founder Tim Westergren comes to AEI to discuss the future of the music industry (postponed). 
  • Vice President and Senior Counselor of Heritage Foundation John Von Kannon dies.
  • Brookings FP: What is next after the end of the Middle East peace process?  FP's David Kenner: A lot of think tank roundtables.
  • Barry Ritholtz: Has the word "think tank" become the world's greatest misnomer?
  • New eye-popping RAND report on income of anethesiologists.
  • Deep think tank thought of the day via Aidan Milliff: "If a think tank does bad, there should be a process for demotion to just 'tank.'"
  • Think tank Center for Security Policy defends arrest of Muslim high school student Ahmed Mohamed for bringing homemade clock to school.
  • The advantages to working in Washington, DC: think tank food.
  • Drawing of a think tank by Cecilia Ahern.