Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#194)

  • Russian hacks peppering think tanks.
  • Readers react to thinking on think tanks series in the Washington Post.
  • James McGann: Think tanks need to innovate or die.
  • Jane Harman in WPost: Are think tanks too partisan?
  • Ellen Laipson of Stimson: Why our demand for instant results hurts think tanks.
  • Jessica Matthews of CEIP: Why think tanks should embrace "new media."
  • USTR official Wendy Cutler becomes VP of Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI).
  • Newt Gingrich a "political consultant for conservative think tanks."
  • Joe Lieberman working on projects related to foreign policy and defense for such conservative think tanks as AEI and Hudson.
  • Jane Smiley's new book "Golden Age" tells all about think tanks.
  • Jason Stahl (Salon) on Elizabeth Warren: Why her war with a corporate-friendly think tank matters.
  • How USAID's secret think tank funding hurts the poor; and most Australian think tanks keep their funding secret, according to new data.