Monday, November 16, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#197)

  • New book on Asian think tanks by Erin Zimmerman.
  • A master's in international relations can lead to the prestigious but fiercely competitive career in international think tanks.
  • Panel launched by CIGI and Chatham House urge new social compact on Internet privacy.
  • Military science fiction from Atlantic Council's Art of Future Warfare project. 
  • Rethinking T20: Think tanks, ideas and innovation in foreign policy, via Juan Luis Manfredi.
  • Lee Fang story: SEC nominee to oversee Wall Street (Hester Maria Peirce) works at think tank dedicated to blocking regulation (Mercatus Center).
  • Netanyahu escapes CAP event without any fireworks, via FP's John Hudson.
  • Cato on Instagram: A behind-the-scenes look at life in a libertarian think tank.
  • Rethinking Russia launches new research project to map think tanks that study Russia.
  • Yahoo News report on new CFR Task Force report "eliminates reference" to every single woman involved.
  • Third Way takes home two pumpkin carving trophies (h/t David Slavick).