Monday, April 4, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#211)

  • 7 rules for avoiding all-male panels at think tanks, by Jacqueline O'Neill.
  • What Max Abrahms wants to see: A political science dissertation on the independent effect of ideologically driven donor money on think tank pundit analysis.
  • Conservative leader of Canada gets standing ovation after calling Center for American Progress (CAP) "anti-Canadian."
  • Ann Coulter: Trump is the only one with real solutions, not think tank talking points.
  • Inside Gay Talese's "subterranean think tank."
  • CFR President Richard Haass on what the next US president's challenges will be; Haass coming out with new book: A World in Disarray.
  • Canadian Prime Minister Gary Trudeau does CAP.
  • Cato's David Boaz: A "proud" think tank moment. 
  • The On Think Tanks School launches Evolving Think Tanks starting April 5.
  • Does your think tank order cookies with your book cover on it for a book launch?  FDD does.