Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#219)

  • China passes new law restricting the work of foreign think tanks and their local partners, mainly through policy supervision. 
  • Do conservative think tanks help to balance policy debates?
  • Has India outsourced foreign policy to American think tanks?
  • 5th China-Africa Think Tanks Forum opens in Zhejiang Province.
  • Iran's Central Bank Governor speaks at CFR. 
  • Catrina Rorke, Director of Energy Policy at R Street Institute, makes The Hill list of 10 rising stars in energy/environment world.
  • George Mason University think tanks (heavily funded by Koch money) under scrutiny after University named law school after Scalia.
  • May 2016 Washingtonian: "From the New Republic's former headquarters on 19th Street, Michael Kinsley (now at Vanity Fair) was at his sharpest, and Leon Wieseltier (Brookings) and Charles Krauthammer (Fox News) pounded each other in an intellectual cage match."
  • Think tanks rather than lobbying tanks, by Alejandro Chafuen. 
  • FP: If you want to understand the Middle East, ditch the think tank panels and catch the photo exhibits and hip-hop shows.