Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#226)

  • Brexit means that many UK think tanks will lose access to key funding sources?
  • Brookings looking to turn itself into more of a digital publisher; plays with Lego's.
  • Think tankers don't get Trump.  Can their advice change him? (via S.V. Date of HuffPo).
  • Ben Scott of New America: Think tanks should become incubators of civic entrepreneurship.
  • Nevsun Resources (with Eritrea ops) giving $100,000+ to Atlantic Council to promote Eritrea?
  • AEI President Arthur Brooks on how his think tank is working to improve Washington.
  • Think tanks and tax status: A note on 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) tax categories. (Alex Chance)
  • The role of think tanks: A reply to critics (via Jeremy Sammut)
  • How a 1962 Michael Polanyi essay on research funding inspires donations to think tanks.
  • AEI event: The world according to Star Wars.
  • Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe, who just spoke at CSIS, quits amid outcry on spending.