Friday, July 15, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#228)

  • The corporations behind big EU think tanks (includes charts/maps).
  • Clinton's monopolizing foreign policy brain trust (including think tankers) which is so large that campaign cannot offer definitive estimate of its size.  Advisors include Michele Flournoy, CEO of CNAS; Brian Katulis (CAP); and Dan Kurtz-Phelan (New America).
  • Bernie Sanders simply has one-off meetings with think tankers, including Ray Takeyh (CFR), Tamara Cofman Witttes (Brookings; she is an advisor to Clinton), and Lawrence Korb (CAP).
  • James Wallner, executive director of the Senate Steering Committee, is leaving to become the Heritage Foundation's VP for research.
  • Libertarian Cato Institute urging approval of TPP trade pact. 
  • Maya Harris, formerly a senior fellow at Center for American Progress (CAP), a senior policy advisor to Clinton campaign. 
  • Video: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) rips think tanks for fake climate change research.
  • Any Pokemon Go stops at major Washington think tanks?
  • Chinese think tanks: Confidential messengers and idea sources as well as spear carriers for the government, via Jerome Cohen.
  • US and Chinese think tanks agree the South China Sea situation needs to be cooled down.