Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#232)

  • Did a think tanker tell Joe Scarborough that Donald Trump asked why we can't use nukes?
  • In Detroit economic speech Trump quotes opposite extremes in think tank world: EPI and Heritage.
  • Trump's favorite think tank wants him to stop talking.
  • Has Washington and its hundreds of think tanks reached "peak geek." 
  • Think tank papers with more charts and diagrams = more influential?
  • Flashback: Presidential transitions and think tanks.
  • Cato event: The world according to Star Wars.
  • Japanese industry "bombarded" with calls from US think tanks trying to confirm comments about yen from Keidanren official. 
  • A simple test to check research papers for errors. 
  • North Carolina needs a nonpartisan think tank. 
  • CSIS hosts over 2,000 events per year, from major public speeches to small briefings.