Monday, August 8, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#231)

  • Center for American Progress (CAP) founder John Podesta has no interest in being Hillary Clinton's chief of staff.
  • Fethullah Gulen, the reclusive Muslim cleric accused of inspiring Turkey's failed coup attempt, has bred a global network of think tanks.  Carnegie has written about those think tanks, including the Rethink Institute and Foundation for Political, Economic, and Social Research.
  • Brookings: How do political conventions actually work? 
  • Michael Levin leaving CFR to join White House staff as Special Assistant to the President for Energy and Economic Policy on the National Economic Council (NEC) staff.
  • Department state lawmakers in Oklahoma launch conservative think tank.
  • Brookings 2016 spring catalogue of new publications and books. 
  • China, suspicious of groups like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), detain foreign non-profit chiefs. 
  • Disclosure paradox: Does revealing think tank bias make one more likely to take their advice.
  • Rosa Balfour and Sudha David-Wilp of GMF try to defend the European Union (EU).
  • William Beach, VP for Policy at Mercatus Center, was "instrumental in developing the state-of-the-art econometric models" Heritage Foundation uses.