Thursday, October 13, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#237)

  • Why college (and think tank) rankings are a joke.
  • New rules to put chill on think tank hiring of executive branch officials?
  • RAND Corp. analyzed the Trump and Clinton health plans.
  • Susan Rice to announce new Presidential Directive on Cuba Oct. 14 at Wilson Center. 
  • New Canadian think tank True North launches.
  • During 2nd presidential debate Brookings and Center for American Progress (CAP) did real-time fact-checking on Donald Trump.
  • Adam Johnson: Gonna start a sham think tank with a really generic but official sounding name (Center for World Policy) & hand out "fellowships" to my buddies.
  • Start-up think tank (Tax Revolution Institute, or TRI) on a mission to audit the IRS.
  • When think tanks get bored.
  • Bloomberg: Communist China turns to independent think tanks; Cheng Li says Xi Jinping emphasizes role of think tanks more than any leader in China's history.