Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#247)

  • To all you highly educated wonks at think tanks scratching your head, there's no big mystery.  "It's just that most voters are idiots."
  • Brookings trustee meeting in Mexico City.
  • Will we see bona fide white nationalist think tanks emerge in DC, with offices off of K Street?
  • 48 hours after election, Clinton-linked think tank sent out fundraising appeal.
  • Pic: Think tanks who endorsed HRC.
  • At least two UK think tanks set up 501(c)(3) arms in US.
  • The think tank that built the alt-right is basically just a bunch of white supremacists?
  • Jewish groups urge Israel's envoy to reject award from "anti-Muslim" think tank.
  • Princeton doing joint workshop in UK on role of think tanks in foreign policy.
  • Any bankers at think tank Third Way?
  • Think Tank the basement of CSIS...think tank revolution is changing think tanks.
  • Penn State SIA learning about think tank at CSIS.