Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#250)

  • How think tanks can survive and thrive in the age of Trump.
  • Muckety map: The conservative think tanks surrounding the Trump camp.
  • Map: think tanks in Africa.
  • Mark Mazur (former Treasury official) to lead Tax Policy Center (TPC) think tank.
  • Think tanks in DC would be more fun if their directors had cooler hairstyles (pic, via Milena Rodban).
  • AEI in 2016 by the numbers.
  • Swedish think tank details Russian disinformation in new study.
  • Ranking of Russian policy think tanks. 
  • French think tank proposes Vladimir Putin for Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Think tanks are essentially the marketing brochures of political parties.
  • Howard Dean: Jim DeMint turned a respected conservative think tank (Heritage) into a "laughing stock in DC which produces fake news."