Friday, February 3, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#251)

  • John Meacham: President Donald Trump thinks "think tank" is a show on TV.
  • RAND Corp. experts studied how to fight Russia's "firehose" of propaganda.
  • Who wants to work at a think tank in Papua New Guinea?
  • New CSIS satellite photos show weapons build-up by China on dispute islands.
  • Shama Hyder: The rise of the modern-day think tank.
  • Think tanks do a lousy job at predicting because their mission is to sell policies, not make correct predictions.
  • Think tanker at Brookings: Think tankers don't have monopoly on foreign affairs wisdom.
  • Chatham House alum: Chatham House full of MI6.
  • Brookings on why Trump will not bring back America's lost manufacturing jobs.
  • The billions that go into the "misinformation machine" of think tanks.
  • Are Chinese think tanks ready to go global?