Thursday, February 16, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#252)

  • Top 10 most popular Brookings content pieces of 2016; top Brookings videos of 2016; best Brookings infographics of 2016; 10 things learned at Brookings in 2016.
  • Arlington think tank National Foundation for American Policy: A little more than half of US start-ups that are estimated to be worth more than $1 billion were founded by immigrants. 
  • Group of South Asia think tank experts recommends Pakistan be put on state sponsors of terrorism list. 
  • Washington, DC think tank Asia Policy Point (APP) releases "Morse Target" of Washington's movers and shakers in the Trump Administration shaping Japan policy. 
  • East-West Center (EWC), which got a new president in January (Richard Vuylsteke), launches Trump Administration and US-Asia Pacific Relations Tracker.
  • Think tankers join Washington Post's Global Opinions project, including: Sebastian Mallaby (CFR), Carl Bildt (CIGI), Constanze Stelzenmuller (Brookings), Michael McFaul (Hoover), and Judey Dempsey (Carnegie Europe).
  • Coalition, including legal think tank Brennan Center for Justice, is drafting a lawsuit and preparing regulatory complaints on guns.
  • Essay from former editor of Politico (Susan Glasser) for Brookings: Matt Drudge changed everything.
  • The ambassadors who visit and serve at Brookings.
  • SCMP: China's think tanks overflow, but most still think what they're told to think.