Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#254)

  • Why many think tank scholars are fretting about Donald Trump.
  • Think tank cartoon by Cathy Wilcox.
  • Pic: How Think Tank Watch feels poring through think tank reports.
  • "What was Sen. Elizabeth Warren's childhood like?  She grew up in a small liberal think tank in rural Oklahoma" (via The Onion).
  • Brookings scholars: Chinese think tanks - a new "revolving door" for elite recruitment.
  • Time magazine's David Von Drehle: Most modern presidents chart their opening moves with the help of a friendly think tank or a set of long-held beliefs.
  • Do think tankers live longer?
  • How think tanks become engines of royal propaganda (and what their French origins, and their waning and rising relevance to the power structures over the centuries, say about the new Washington).
  • Half of think tanks in UPenn think tank rankings do not exist?
  • A think tank (Berggruen Institute) that looks to Socrates and Confucius for help with today's crises.