Thursday, March 2, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#257)

  • How long before robots replace think tanks?
  • Power, media, and think tanks, via Transnational Institute (TNI).
  • The real source of domestic terrorist threats, via New America.
  • Are think tanks losing their relevance? (via Matthias von Hein)
  • The "narrowing nexus" between think tanks and journalists.
  • CAP: Trump's vilification of Mexico will hurt US.
  • Think tanks stage massive simulation of war with Russia in Warsaw.
  • If your think tank was a restaurant would people want to eat what you serve?
  • How think tanks create change, via Julia Slay.
  • Are liberal/progressive think tanks flip-flopping on TPP?
  • Brookings scholar was sent a thank-you postcard for his blog post.