Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NSC Being Staffed by Traditional Think Tankers

Fear not you think tankers who have dreamed of working in the Trump Administration.  Some White House offices and agencies are relying heavily on think tank scholars as they quickly work to beef up their skeleton staff.

Here is more from Josh Rogin of The Washington Post:
National security adviser H.R. McMaster is continuing to fill out his national security staff with conservative foreign policy experts from the establishment think-tank world, preferring them to the military intelligence types favored by his predecessor, retired Gen. Michael T. Flynn.
Two White House officials confirmed that McMaster has offered the post of senior director for South and Central Asia to Lisa Curtis, a well-known conservative expert and senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Curtis has accepted the offer and is going through the entry process now. Curtis has been a leading voice on the GOP side of the South Asia expert community for decades, having worked at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as an adviser to the State Department during the George W. Bush administration and as an analyst with the CIA.
Officials also confirmed that Fiona Hill, a Brookings Institution scholar and traditional GOP Russia hawk, will be senior director for Russia and Europe, a newly combined directorate that brings both regions under one chain of command. 

Here is more about Fiona Hill being tapped for the Trump Administration.

According to an internal list compiled by Think Tank Watch, there have been more than 50 think tank experts who have either worked on the Trump transition team or gone into the Trump Administration.