Thursday, May 18, 2017

Amid Turmoil, White House Staffers Sending Resumes to Think Tanks

With all the turmoil in the White House, some Trump Administration officials are starting to look for employment elsewhere, including in think tank land.  Here is more from Time:

Senior officials walk through the building with funereal looks on their faces. Others complain that the White House is being "paralyzed" by the commotion. "He likes everyone always being on thin ice," explains one adviser of the President's management style. A few West Wing aides have begun to look for lifeboats, shopping résumés to think tanks, super PACs and corporate communications firms in the market for anyone who can make sense of the White House's bizarre workings. When news broke on May 15 that the President had revealed sensitive classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian ambassador in an Oval Office meeting, one White House staffer sent a message to a friend outside the building: FML, read the text--abbreviated millennial slang for an unprintable curse on one's own life.

The good news for those searching for a think tank position in Washington: Think Tank Watch hears that there are a few positions open at the Heritage Foundation...