Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hoover Fellow Could Replace Janet Yellen at the Fed

Could a think tanker become the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve?  Here is more from Pedro Nicolaci da Costa (formerly of the Peterson Institute for International Economics) in Business Insider:

He's young, he's Republican, and he was seen a key steward of the Federal Reserve's financial crisis, Chairman Ben Bernanke's right-hand man.
It's only natural that the name of Kevin Warsh, a former Fed governor who is now a fellow at the Hoover Institution, would come up as a potential replacement to Janet Yellen, whose term as Fed chair expires at the end of next January.
Warsh, a former Morgan Stanley banker, now "advises several private and public companies, including service on the board of directors of UPS," his profile says.

Mr. Warsh serves as the Shepard Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Economics at Hoover and lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

When Ben Bernanke stepped down, there were rumors that the next Fed Chair could come from think tank land.  However, a non-think tanker, Janet Yellen, was ultimately selected.

Think Tank Watch should note that former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke is now housed within the Brookings Institution.