Monday, July 31, 2017

Think Tank Scholar Secretly Trying to Broker US-North Korea Peace

Suzanne DiMaggio of the think tank New America helped establish an unofficial channel with the North Koreans in early 2016, according to The Wall Street JournalHere is more of what they say about DiMaggio:

Early last year, Ms. DiMaggio established through interlocutors in Stockholm a “track two” dialogue with North Korea, a term reflecting the fact no active U.S. officials were present at the initial meetings. She made the first of two trips to the North Korean capital in February 2016, in an early bid to help defuse the nuclear crisis.
Ms. DiMaggio has long worked to establish diplomatic channels to countries in conflict with the U.S. She held numerous track two discussions with Iranian officials before the Obama administration formally started nuclear negotiations with Tehran in 2012.

Ms. DiMaggio is Director of the US-Iran Initiative at New America and a Senior Fellow at the think tank.

Here is a previous Think Tank Watch post about another think tanker who has been active regarding talks with North Korea.