Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Former Heritage President Jim DeMint Launches New Institute

Former Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint, who was ousted this spring from what is arguably the most influential conservative think tank in the US, is starting a new venture.  Here is more from Politico:

Former Sen. Jim DeMint will serve as chairman of the new Conservative Partnership Institute to fortify the presence of conservatives in Washington, he said in a news release Tuesday, adding that he thinks the status quo is hindering the development of conservative lawmakers and staffers.
Previously, DeMint served at the helm of the Heritage Foundation, a venerable conservative think tank that at times has had a turbulent relationship with the rise of Donald Trump. He was ousted in May after internal disputes over Heritage's mission.

Here is the Conservative Partnership Institute's (CPI) new website.

Here is a comprehensive Think Tank Watch guide to what happened at the Heritage Foundation that led to DeMint's ouster.