Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#280)

  • RAND Corp. expands into Silicon Valley. 
  • Think tank in France (Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines, or FM4FW) discusses the future of "fine" wines.
  • CFR President Richard Haass gets birthday shout-out from Politico; reveals he went to Woodstrock, is addicted to golf, listens to country music, likes dry martinis, and walks to work.
  • Polls find faltering trust in American universities (and think tanks)? 
  • Laurel Miller, an analyst from the RAND Corp. who had been serving as Acting Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan at DOS, has departed
  • Why Myanmar needs foreign policy think tanks. 
  • As interest in Hong Kong affairs grows, time is ripe for local think tanks to shine.
  • Cato scholar Daniel Ikenson: US and China engaged in a low-profile, high-technology trade war. 
  • Alliance for Securing Democracy, housed within the German Marshall Fund (GMF), has new dashboard tracking Russian propaganda on Twitter.
  • Searchable map of 100 UK think tank locations.