Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#283)

  • Breitbart attacks: "H.R. McMaster served 11 years on think tank (IISS) financed by Boeing, which inked billions in Iran deal." (IISS to Trump: Stop "adversarial atmosphere" with Iran).
  • Boston Globe: Think tank of Trump era?  Message boards.
  • BRICS think tanks agree to enhance exchanges.
  • OpenCanada: Africa boasts many credible/quality think tanks but not often acknowledged.
  • The Intercept: US-backed think tanks target Latin America.
  • RAND: American workplace is physical/emotionally taxing.
  • Libro Vaquero, Mexico's best-selling magazine, teams up with think tank to fight corruption.
  • Rep. Keith Ellison: We need more progressive think tanks.
  • Think tank CEI accepting Bitcoin donations.
  • RAND's summer reading list for Congress.
  • Cato: 40 ways the world is getting better every day.
  • WINEP hires ex-WSJ reporter Jay Solomon for North Korea project.