Sunday, October 1, 2017

EU Uses Atlantic Council to Lobby US on Iran Deal

European Union (EU) countries have been pouring money into powerful US think tanks for years in order to influence US policy in a number of area.  Here is a recent example from The New York Times, which shows how European countries are trying to preserve the Iran nuclear deal:

...Europe is far closer to Iran and at much greater risk than the United States should it develop nuclear weapons. 
On Monday, the ambassadors to the United States from Britain, France, Germany and the European Union met on a stage at the Atlantic Council in Washington to reinforce that message.
GĂ©rard Araud, the French ambassador, said that it was not just the Europeans who refused to renegotiate but also Iran as well as China and Russia. Their position, he said, was, “‘No way. There won’t be any reopening of the agreement. The agreement is working as it is.’”

Here is a link to that Atlantic Council event, which included a conversation with the French Ambassador to the US, German Ambassador to the US, United Kingdom Ambassador to the US, and the EU Ambassador to the US.

European countries that give money to Atlantic Council include the UK, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Slovakia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, and Luxembourg.